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Original art signed by the artist is an investment.  The paintings and illustrations shown below (and in no particular order) are by S.Lynnette and are no longer available, but current original art listings can be found here.

The "(C) S.Lynnette" watermarks are not part of the paintings or drawings.


Secure payments with credit card or PayPal accepted, and there is no additional charge for shipping any of the current art listings to anywhere USPS ships (even international destinations!). 


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Etta's House, Fine Art Rural Painting

Farm Silo Ladder Painting
Farm Silo Ladder Painting

The View is Worth the Climb, Fine Art Rural Painting by S.Lynnette



What spectacular views await at the top?  The only way to find out is to start climbing...


This silo ladder ascending into a glowing light is sure to pique one's curiosity and imagination, and will be an enduring reminder that the view is worth the climb.



Unraveling the Unknown, Original Abstract Art Painting


Colourful, hypnotic spirals are sure to mesmerize and enthrall abstract art enthusiasts.  Signed by the artist.



signed abstract art
Abstract Art Painting

Severing Entanglements, Abstract Art Painting

Art fans cannot live by floral bouquets and landscapes alone; sometimes abstract art is more interesting and thought-provoking-- even if it is sometimes unsettling.


Life is Never Still (#19), Original Abstract Art Painting


Dive into shades of blue with white peaks and black depths, with the illusion of motion which reminds us there is nothing still about life.



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All original paintings are signed by the artist, and are completed using quality, acid-free materials.  Each is finished with a protective sealant, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.  Orders are insured and shipped within 10 days of purchase, except custom orders and commissions which can take longer.

Most finished artwork is kept in a smoke-free/pet-free area, and items are shipped as 'allergen-free' as possible.  Work begins in the studio which is not yet smoke-free (Picasso chain-smoked while painting, and it has not negatively impacted his work or its value.).  And, there is one very cute new puppy on the premises.  Folks with slight to moderate sensitivities would likely never notice, but those with severe allergies may want to reconsider.


All images are the creative and intellectual property of the original artist(s).  All rights reserved.  Information regarding commissions or licensing can be obtained by request.


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