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framed 4-leaf clovers

Could you or someone you know use a good luck charm?  These framed clovers are just the thing!  Real four-leaf clovers in sleek 2x3-inch metal frames are attractive, affordable, and unusual. 


Virtually all other 4-leaf clover sellers dye their clovers, but these are all natural.  All clovers offered here grow wild; they are not cultivated or treated with any chemicals.  They are not laminated, dyed, bleached, or otherwise altered. All coloring is completely natural, including the white speckling that appears on some clovers. 


The photos show several framed clovers, to depict size and shape variety.  The framed clovers are sold individually or in groups of 3.

*Newest Style* Framed 4 Leaf Clovers


These real 4-leaf clovers are carefully pressed and artfully framed, in metal frames measuring approximately 2x3 inches.   Frames are silver in color, with black velvet covered easel-backs.


Framed clovers are chosen randomly from available inventory, and each is unique.  (Several examples are shown to demonstrate variety of shape and size possibilities.)


Just $19.00  $14.95 each, plus shipping & handling.

Order 2 or more with no additional shipping fees.  Available while supplies last.

Purchase a 3-lot and save over 10% -- just $50.00 $39.95 plus shipping for a group of 3 framed 4-leaf clovers.

Large Orders*


Order more and save more!

Purchase 25 individually framed 4 leaf clovers for just $299, plus shipping.

Or, order 50 individually framed 4 leaf clovers for just $549, plus shipping.
*Large orders may take longer to assemble.  While there are always enough lucky clovers to fill large orders, frames are kept in smaller quantities, so may not be immediately available to ship.  Please allow 30 days to fill an order of 25 or more, though your order may arrive earlier-- and if it arrives earlier than you needed it, no worries!  Store it in a dark, cool place, and the clovers should stay green for a very long time.  (The one I've kept in my desk drawer for almost a decade is still green!)



This style (shown on the left) is being discontinued when current supply is gone!


These real 4-leaf clovers are carefully pressed and artfully framed, in metal frames measuring approximately 2x3 inches. 


Framed clovers are chosen randomly from available inventory, and each is unique. 


Just $14.00 each, plus shipping & handling.

Order 2 or more with no additional shipping fees.  Available while supplies last.




Order a group of 3 for a discount. Just $36, plus shipping & handling for 3 framed four-leaf clovers!


**Special Order Item**

Real 4-Leaf Clover Necklace Pendant

Feel lucky anywhere, wearing this fabulous handcrafted genuine 4 leaf clover necklace pendant.

A protective glass dome magnifies a real four-leaf clover, set against a pearlized champagne background.

Pendant measures one inch (25mm), and includes a 24-inch chain with lobster claw clasp.


Made to order, and created just for you!!


These treasures can take 7-10 days to create, so please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.


$25, plus shipping & handling.



(Available again in spring. Meanwhile, check the eBay listings below for current available pendants.)



And check out the framed clover listings on eBay, direct from the artist:

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Clovers grown in USA, assembled in USA, ships from USA. Frames made in China. Though more 4 leaf clovers might be offered here with different frames at a later date, these frame styles will no longer be offered here once the current supply is gone.


*Shipping charges are for USPS Priority mail to anywhere in the U.S.A.  International packages may require additional shipping charges.  For specific rates to international destinations, you can contact us.  Please include your city, country, and postal code.


The length of time they maintain color varies, depending mostly on exposure to UV light.  To maintain color longer, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and direct heat.  Kept out of direct sunlight and heat, they will maintain color for many months-- even years!! 


While it may usually be safe to open the back of the frame to inspect 4-leaf clovers for authenticity, dried leaves can be fragile and can be easily damaged, so removal from the frame is not recommended. 


Some sellers claim to treat clovers to maintain "natural color".  If they do not specifically say they do not dye their clovers, they most likely dye them that "natural color"!!



Click here to view feedback from previous customers on eBay.

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New!! Four-leaf clover merchandise is now available from soulbearing on  High resolution images of real 4 leaf clovers on keychains, necklaces, hats, mugs, tshirts, and more.

View more personalized gifts from Zazzle.


Four-leaf clovers are believed to be good luck.  They, in addition to the three-leaf clovers, were used as a religious symbol.  The first three leaves represented the Holy Trinity, while the fourth represented God's grace.  One story says Eve brought a 4-leaf clover with her when leaving Eden.  The four leaflets can also represent wealth, fame, good health, and a faithful lover as expressed in this old rhyme:


One leaf for fame, one leaf for wealth,
One leaf for a faithful lover,
And one leaf to bring glorious health,
All are in the four-leaf clover.


Four- and five-leaf clovers are variations of the more common three-leaf clover.  The variation can be caused by several factors, including light, soil, and weather.  It is not uncommon to find more than one in a small cluster, but it is estimated that there is only 1 four-leaf clover for every 10,000 three-leaf clovers.


Since five-leaf clovers are even more rare, it is harder to find information on them and the beliefs tend to be more varied.  Most agree that since it is more rare than a four-leaf clover, it is extra good luck to find a 5-leaf clover, and if you find one you will become wealthy. 


It is also said that the Leprechaun buries his gold in a garden of 4-leaf and 5-leaf clovers.

"One day, I was out walking my dog and as I picked up the ball he was waiting for me to throw, I noticed several 4-leaf clovers.  So I looked around and found several more-- plus some 5-leaf clovers.  It was an entire patch of 4 and 5 leaf clovers, about 6 feet in diameter!


I picked, pressed, and dried several, then wondered what to do with all of them since I hadn't really thought that far ahead.  Then when I found some small frames, the idea came to me.  So, I started framing them and I have been finding them ever since-- I've even found clovers with as many as 8 leaves!

Each wild clover is different, and they make great gifts.  I will make them available as long as they continue to grow, but who knows how long they'll keep growing-- get them while you can!"  --S.Lynnette